Be kind to your body.
Be kind always.

Welcome To Kind Health Chiropractic Clinic
At Kind Health, we believe in providing a service that is as caring to your body as possible. Using expert Chiropractic and lifestyle advice, our aim is to tailor a treatment plan which enhances your way of living to its full potential; for you and your family. As well as helping you in the treatment room, we will educate you to help yourself in your day to day and promise to help you achieve the goals which are important to you.
Our professional team focus on the importance of being kind to your body and we are passionate about helping you treat it in the best way possible.
Kind Health Chiropractic

Dr Catherine Alsworth DC
Doctor of Chiropractic
Founder of Kind Health

I try to live and breathe the motto 'be kind always', in everything that I do. And that's simply and exactly the reason behind why I do Chiropractic. I sincerely believe in being the kindest that we can be to our bodies and I strive to educate my patients to do the same, to better themselves as individuals. I also have a particular passion for helping babies and pregnant women.

These are the foundations on which Kind Health is built. I look forward to welcoming you into my home in Bournemouth.

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Bournemouth Chiropractic

We help your body to function at its optimum using the gentle and natural techniques that we offer through Chiropractic.

We treat a variety of ailments including:
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