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Dr Alsworth Chiropractor

I try to live and breathe the motto be kind always, in everything that I do. And that's simply and exactly the reason behind why I do Chiropractic. I sincerely believe in being the kindest that we can be to our bodies and I strive to educate my patients to do the same, to better themselves as individuals. I also have a particular passion for helping babies and pregnant women.

Dr Catherine Alsworth DC

Founder of Kind Health

Catherine studied to become a Chiropractor over 5 years at the highly acclaimed Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth; achieving a BSc in Human Sciences and her Masters in Chiropractic. During her time here, Catherine had the opportunity to work at the Feeding Clinic, a voluntary service helping new mothers to achieve exclusive breastfeeding through advice of Chiropractic and Midwifery students. It was here that her passion for helping babies, children and pregnant mothers began.
She was then able to take her skills then to work in clinics on the South Coast, constantly learning and developing through additional courses in topics such as Paediatrics, Functional Medicine and Pregnancy, to name a few.

Dr Catherine's Techniques
Dr Catherine is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and the SCA. Dr Catherine is devoted to helping patients of all ages achieve their specific goals through the kindness of Chiropractic. From newborns to the older generations, Catherine’s style of treatment and their treatment plan is tailored specifically to the individual in front of her. Her techniques include:
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