What To Expect When You See Your Chiropractor

The Kindness of Chiropractic – What To Expect When You See Your Chiropractor

The principles of Chiropractic originate around the nervous system. The goal for your Chiropractor, as well as to decrease your pain and improve your movement, is to check that your nervous system is working optimally.

Your nervous system is your brain’s way of communicating with your environment around you; controlling your voluntary actions as well as your involuntary needs too, such as your breathing. The nervous system leaves your brain and travels down through your spine as the spinal cord, where it exits at each vertebra as your nerves, which go on to, supply your muscles and organs. Interruptions to this communication system will lead to problems as well as aches and pains. So this is why your Chiropractor will focus their attention on your back. Most people assume that they can only book into see a Chiropractor if they have back pain or another issue, however actually it is also common for someone to book in when they are pain free to ensure that their nervous system and musculoskeletal system is working optimally.

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When you book in to see your Chiropractor, you will be asked a multitude of questions about the reason that brought you into the clinic. At Kind Health, we are particularly interested in not only understanding this reason, but the activities this is preventing you from achieving. These are the goals that our treatment plan will work towards. You will also be asked questions about your health in general. This is so your Chiropractor can understand you as an individual and what state your body is in.

Following these questions, a thorough and focused examination will take place. As well as assessing your posture, movement and potentially palpating the area in question, the tests will include Orthopaedic tests (for your musculoskeletal system) and neurological tests (for the integrity of the nervous system). These will help to identify a specific area of potential injury and aid in the diagnosis.

Already here you can begin to understand how thorough we are at getting to know you as an individual as well as the complexity of your problem. Once a diagnosis has been distinguished, a detailed treatment plan will be presented to you. Referral to other professions may be advised and governed as necessary.

The beauty and kindness of Chiropractic is that our treatment, which is tailored especially for you, is done by hand. It’s natural, gentle, safe and medication free. It may include manual adjustments (also called manipulations), soft tissue work, dry needling or other interventions such as shockwave therapy. A study by the NHS showed that of all the problems that people come to see a Chiropractor for; the goals can be accomplished with an average of 6 sessions.

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